Sample Exhibits and Information Graphics

“I and my firm have worked with David Angotti and Minds I Media for years in many different cases.  The work product is always first class, on time and on budget.  The persuasive power of the visual media that David builds into our presentations is compelling and I want to use that power in almost every situation where a decision maker can be persuaded.    I recommend David Angotti and Minds I Media very highly for anyone wanting to add visual impact to their words.”

Charles W. German
Rouse Hendricks German May PC

“David has a unique ability quickly to assimilate the issues of a case and to develop persuasive and powerful exhibits that bring clarity to complex issues.  He understands the demands of trial and is always able to provide his work in a timely fashion, even reacting when necessary overnight with demonstrative exhibits, whether digital or polished exhibit boards.  His work is excellent and very reasonably priced.  Mind's i Media is my go-to resource for visual presentations.”

John C. Aisenbrey
Stinson Leonard Street LLP

“The exhibits prepared by minds i media were extremely persuasive and had immediate impacts on the jury.

Our case and clients benefited greatly by minds i media's creativeness and ability to visually demonstrate matters that otherwise may not have had a lasting impression.”

Scott S. Bethune
Davis, Bethune & Jones


“In my cases, David Angotti’s exhibits have been hailed by a Court of Appeals Judge as ‘the best demonstrative aids ever seen in appellate argument’ and by jurors as 'the single most important part of the trial.”

Richard E. McLeod
The McLeod Law Firm


“David Angotti has a unique ability to transform complex patent drawings into understandable demonstrative exhibits. He has worked in a wide variety of technical areas and has prepared exhibits for me in numerous patent cases.”


J. David Wharton
Stinson Morrison Hecker


“In a complex case, it is essential to summarize the evidence in demonstrative exhibits so the jury remembers it.  David has a wonderful ability to condense complex information from pages and pages of documents into an exhibit that allows the jury to process the information quickly and remember it.   David is quick to respond when the evidence at trial requires revisions to an exhibit which makes him an essential part of the trial team.”

R. Denise Henning
Henning Law Firm

“I would never go into a trial without mind's i media at my side.

The number one thing we hear after trial is what a tremendous impact the exhibits had on the jury.

Many companies can make trial exhibits, but only mind's i media can make your trial exhibits come to life.”


Michael S. Ketchmark

Davis Ketchmark & McCreight